Saturday, July 16, 2011

Breaking Silence

A few years ago I was introduced to Linda Castillo's mystery series. This summer the third installment is out. Breaking Silence carries on the story of the Chief of Police Kate Burkholder, a woman who grew up Amish and is no longer, and is now the Chief of Police in her hometown, Painters Mill.
This time there are two separate situations Kate is presented with. Hate crimes are being committed against the Amish, and what appeared to be an accidental death at an Amish farm may not have been an accident. There is a great deal of suspense as Kate tries to determine what happened to the Slabaugh family as the parents and an uncle are found dead in a manure pit, overcome with the toxic fumes. Many surprises- including an ending I never would have guessed- kept me guessing.
I love these characters and the setting. In this installment Castillo once again does a good job of conveying information about the Amish way of life by including it within the story. Castillo's novels are a bit graphic and while this doesn't stop me from enjoying them, I have heard from a few readers that find the descriptions a bit too much for them personally.
Yesterday I gave my mom the first in the series, Sworn To Silence, which she is now working on. Castillo's books are fast, entertaining and suspenseful reads, and now a series I look forward to reading more of.


Anonymous said...

I love this series. Have enjoyed each of the books and I particularly liked this one. I've read some less than positive reviews of it as some readers feel that the "Cabot Cove Syndrome" (too many murders in one small town) is already starting. Plus some think at Kate's character is stuck and not growing. I, on the other hand, think that we are being shown much more of the inner Kate and I love the way she and Tomasetti are developing. I'm a big fan as you can see. Glad this worked well for you and I hope your Mom enjoys it as well. :-)

Sverige said...

Linda Castillo is a great author and this series keeps getting better. I read it in under a day and can't wait for the next one! The mystery had some twists and the ongoing romance between Kate and Tomasetti continues to move forward. This book did not disappoint. I recommend reading the entire series, but I get my books from the library because I personally will not pay more than $7.99 for an ebook. I wish publishers would rethink their pricing.