Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Bit of Ambivalence

Today I finished up Laura Dave's novel The First Husband. I really rather enjoyed Dave's writing style. The kind of writing that allowed me to feel as though I really knew the character from the first page. Kind of like we were having a conversation. But as I was reading I couldn't help but feel ambivalent.

Annie Adams is happily -at least that's what she thinks- living with her boyfriend Nick working as a travel writer, a career that takes her all over the globe. When Nick breaks up with her it seems to come out of nowhere. However, within a short amount of time Annie has found Griffin, who she falls in love with and marries quickly. When Nick shows up to ask her to re-think their break-up and give their relationship another chance, Annie has to make a decision.

Sometimes - most times- when I am reading I have a clear sense of which characters I want to end up together. Not so for me in this book. While I did think it was ridiculous that Nick even asked his married ex-girlfriend to give their relationship another chance, I didn't much have a sense of whether Annie would be happier with Griffin or with Nick. While I have heard the term "starter marriage" used to explain the many short lived first marriages that seem to occur, I still couldn't quite buy the idea that because Annie had been married for such a short time to Griffin her marriage "wouldn't count."

I won't spoil the ending by revealing who Annie chooses, and there are several subplots within this novel that entertained me. While I did enjoy Dave's writing style, I just couldn't really get into the whole Annie/Nick/Griffin love triangle.

Anyone else read this one? I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Kay said...

I haven't read this and, quite frankly, it doesn't call to me, but truly, I hate the cover. Not at all appealing to me. I'm such a cover hound and this one...I'm not even sure what to say. Perhaps that hideous shirt plays an important part in the story? Otherwise, U..G..L..Y!

Jill said...

Agreed! This was a DNF for me...