Saturday, June 11, 2011

Judy Moody's Not Bummer Summer

Yesterday - a rainy, gloomy day- my girls managed to clean their bedrooms sufficiently enough for me to take them to see the new Judy Moody movie. On our way to the theatre I realized that only my oldest daughter has read any of the Judy Moody books. (At this point I think my middle daughter could do a pretty good job with them, so I will have to look for them now that she has a bit more interest).
Judy Moody is a cute movie. All of my girls loved it. Not having read a Judy Moody book in a while I can't remember specific plotlines but my oldest daughter assured me that she had never read any Judy book like this.
Judy is looking forward to having a summer full of fun with friends. When two of her friends have summer plans that are out of town Judy feels like she is going to be the only one who has a boring summer. While she sets out to earn thrill points - more than her friends- her plans never seem to work out. Despite the fact that Judy is disappointed in her summer plans, there is a lot of excitement in her life. Her aunt Opal is back taking care of Judy and Stink while their parents are out of town. Opal has led a life of adventure and fun and brings some great ideas and creativity to Judy's life. Although Judy's attempts to earn thrill points with her friend Frank never work out, she and Frank manage to try a lot of different activities - and everything they attempt is certainly memorable. Meanwhile Stink is obsessed with Big Foot and the numerous sightings of this legend around their town. Judy doesn't have much time for Stink and his Big Foot obsession at first, but it certainly would earn her some thrill points if she could capture the elusive monster.
The girls and I are glad we went to the theatre yesterday. Hopefully this will spark some interest in reading the Judy Moody books for some of my students who would find Judy a fun and interesting character.

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Katie said...

I didn't even know Judy Moody had a movie! It sounds like a great way to spend a summer afternoon with your daughters - especially if you include popcorn or snowcaps :) I need to see if my niece has read any Judy Moodys... I have a feeling she would be a big fan!