Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Salon

This is me, Little Sister and Sammy the dog. We have survived the first week of pet ownership, working on training him to go to the bathroom OUTSIDE. After one day this week of multiple accidents, we seem to be having a bit more success. It seems that if I avert my eyes for even a moment - to do something like get breakfast for my kids- that is when he decides to poop or pee, even if he has already been outside. Hopefully we get this figured out sooner rather than later.

Our weather here is still not warm, but I cannot complain after seeing the devastation in the south. Today needs to be filled with cleaning, laundry and lesson planning as well as reading the rest of Julia Spencer Fleming's newest book that I have been waiting for anxiously. So far I am not disappointed a bit. I still need to write a recap of my April reading and a post on my thoughts of the royal wedding, too.

I am feeling well planned out on this week's menus and have everything we are eating this week listed out. At least I can go into this week with a plan in mind even if I need to make alterations as time progresses.

I can't believe it's May Day already. Now we just need the weather to catch up! My kids have just a few weeks of school left - I can hear the pool calling my name.

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