Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Look Back

As May kicks off, I have actually remembered to look at my old reading journal from many years ago just to see what I was reading ten years ago. Ten years ago I was teaching first grade, pregnant with my first child. May was a good reading month for me. Some highlights include:

As I look at these titles, I can remember reading them and can't believe it's been ten years ago - some of these books are fairly fresh in my mind. Apparently times flies.

Do any of these books look familiar to you? Do you keep track of what you are reading and look back over your list?


Anonymous said...

Ten years ago, my first and only child was about to graduate high school. I can't believe she's been out that long!

I do keep track and have since 1993. I also read BACK WHEN WE WERE GROWNUPS at that time. I also read THE RED TENT and THE PACT (Jodi Picoult) and some mysteries.

Christina T said...

Ten years ago I was 22 years old and getting ready to finish my bachelor's degree. I can't believe how quickly the time flew! I didn't keep track of what I read back then but I do know that aside from what I read for school as an English major, I was reading and rereading Jane Austen, Kathleen Woodiwiss, and a lot of Christian fiction.

I think it is neat that you can look back and see what you read. Did you write reviews or comments of what you thought of the books? I only started keeping track of what I read in 2008 but the computer where I kept my list has crashed so I only have my list from 2009 because I used a journal then and in 2010 started with Goodreads.

nomadreader said...

I remember reading Roxanne! And all of those Sunfire romances. Oh, how I loved the women and time periods until I got annoyed there were always two men. Always.