Monday, April 4, 2011

Three Stages of Amazement

Carol Edgarian's novel, Three Stages of Amazement, is what I would consider literary fiction. There is more to it than just a quick women's fiction read, and once I got into it, I enjoyed this story.
Lena and Charlie are busy with married life - raising two children after the loss of a premature twin. Charlie's business situation is challenging and Lena feels alone as she parents, missing her husband.

Living near them are Lena's uncle Cal and his wife Ivy who seem to have it all. Lena has cut her ties with her uncle because of finanical issues that arose after her father's death. Now, Charlie and Lena and Cal and Ivy's lives become intertwined again as Cal is able to offer financial support for Charlie's struggling business.

Although it seems that Charlie and Lena are the couple who are struggling, it is Cal and Ivy who encounter a crisis that brings everyone together again.

I had to stick with this book in order to get into it. I'm blaming myself for this because once I actually had time to sit and read without interruptions I did enjoy it. I could identify with Lena and Charlie and their lifestyle - constantly being busy raising children, trying to get ahead, not being able to find time for each other. Many a reader will be able to understand Lena's struggle and point of view as well.


Anonymous said...

This one sounds interesting. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get tired of hearing about "life situation" books. Probably not. LOL

Alexis @ Reflections of a Bookaholic said...

I love the cover. There is just something about it.