Friday, March 4, 2011

In Like a Lion? Not So Much

March is definitely not being ushered in with a frenzy of reading. My totals from both January and February were remarkable for me, and while I have now finished off two books this month, I am having a hard time getting into anything. Perhaps I have too many choices and just can't make up my mind!

Today I breezed through Assault with a Deadly Glue Gun, a fun mystery in a new series by Lois Winston. This fun new series reminds me a bit of Janet Evanovich, with the setting of a craft magazine as opposed to a bounty hunter's office.

Anastasia's husband has just died- leaving her with a mountain of debt after he gambled away their life savings. To make matters worse, Marlys, a co-worker with many enemies turns up dead- killed with a hot glue gun- and Anastasia appears to be the number one suspect. When a loan shark starts demanding fifty thousand dollars owed him by her dead husband, Anastasia's problems only grow worse.

This one was a quick read and very entertaining. The second installment, Mop Doll Murders will be published in 2012, and is one I will happily read.

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