Friday, February 4, 2011


Oprah introduced me to Anita Shreve many years ago now, with the novel The Pilot's Wife. I loved this book, and it has remained one of my favorites by this author. After loving The Pilot's Wife, I have made a point of reading everything else Shreve has written. Of course I enjoy some more than others and have my titles I continue to recommend to friends.

Rescue falls somewhere in the middle for me. From the novel's beginning I was drawn in. Webster is raising his seventeen year old daughter as a single father. Now, as she nears graduation the once agreeable child is rebelling. Alcohol is playing an increasing role in her troubles. Shreve then shifts time periods, with a large portion set in the early 1990s when Webster first met and fell in love with Rowan's mother. As an EMT Webster met Sheila when he was the EMT treating her at a car accident she was in - and caused in her drunkenness. Apparently something about her was attractive to Webster (this is the part I have a little trouble with) and he seeks her out again. Sheila in no way appears interested at first, but the two marry when Sheila realizes she is pregnant. While the two love each other, Sheila's battle with alcoholism is not over, and when she jeopardizes their daughter's life, Webster puts his foot down.

Now, Webster is trying to find a way to reach Rowan. The one way he can imagine is allowing Sheila to have contact with the daughter she has not seen in fifteen years.

By book's end, I really enjoyed this story. Even though I could never quite decide how believable it was for Webster to fall in love with Sheila, love is not always easily explained. I did like who Webster became and the father he was to Rowan.


Marce said...

I have only read Testimony and really enjoyed it so decided on another by her this year for sure. I have Body Surfing.

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Glad u ended up liking it. I liked it but IMO - it wasn't her best.