Friday, February 11, 2011

Book Blog Hop

Friday's Blog Hop is hosted by Jen at Crazy For Books.
This week's question:

"Tell us about one of your posts from this week and give us a link so we can read it (review or otherwise)!"

This week has been a slow week for me as far as posts go. I've started a bunch of books, but many are still in progress. I've also had two sick-ish children. My youngest daughter is battling a cold which has kept her from having restful sleep (often finding me in the night to come and lay with her), and my oldest daughter was sent home from school yesterday with a fever. She has complained of a headache along with it. While she is not really down and out, she is certainly not feeling well. Today she got up at 3 AM. This was fine at first, but now I am feeling rather tired. This could be a long day considering it is a professional development day and I will just be sitting and listening (and hopefully not dozing off!).

So, my post for the week....totally not book related:

my favorite recipe for a great, cold weather soup

or, if you are looking for something book related, my Waiting on Wednesday post - a book I am anxious to read.
Happy Hopping!


Anonymous said...

Hopping by ... hope the little ones get well soon! The soup recipe looks delicious.

Keith said...

I'm your newest follower, hopping by to say hi.

Check out my post on Exploring Civil Rights through Picture Books:

I think, as a librarian, you'll find my blog useful.

Bev Hankins said...

Stopping by on the Hop. That soup sounds mother-in-law made a cheeseburger soup around Christmas time. I need to get her recipe and compare....

Here's my hop post:

Tribute Books Mama said...

here's mine

Jon said...

Just hopping by. Sorry to hear about the kids being sick.

Howard Sherman said...

The Post Is:

This week I reviewed a work of suspense fiction that is such a wide departure from the thriller genre that I feel everyone – fans and foes of the genre alike – really should investigate.

Hop on over to my blog and see for yourself –

Howard A. Sherman, Implementor
Get Inside a Story

TC said...

Hi, just stopping on by on the hop. My little one has only just got back to sleeping through the night in her own bed after being sick so know how you feel Here's my post of the week -

Elizabeth said...

Always love stopping your design.

Stopping by from the blog hop....I so look forward to it each week.

I love to visit blogs and see the designs and to get new ideas for books.

Enjoy the hop...stop over for a visit to my blog:


Sheryl said...

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