Sunday, January 2, 2011

What the Dead Know

A few months ago I was turned on to the writing of Laura Lippman. I enjoyed the book, I'd Know You Anywhere, so much that I checked out another of Lippman's books. What the Dead Know was written in 2007, a suspenseful story about the abduction of two sisters in 1975. When a woman is arrested for leaving the scene of an accident and claims to be the younger sister, Heather Bethany, this decades old case is investigated yet again along with the woman's claims. This story is told in multiple perspectives and time periods. Through all of the narrators different facts emerge about what happened that day in 1975 when Heather and Sunny Bethany went to the mall on a Saturday afternoon and never returned. While reading I had convinced myself that the woman claiming to be Heather Bethany was who she claimed to be. I never disputed her claims, and yet, different clues that were uncovered seemed to point to this woman lying about her identity. I am not very good at solving mysteries, and this one by Lippman was another book with an ending I didn't expect. While I think I enjoyed I'd Know You Anywhere a bit more, What The Dead Know was still a book I found hard to put down.

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Jana said...

I really like Laura Lippman, this is one of hers I have read. I want to read her newest one also--I'd Know You Anywhere, it looks really good!