Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 Recap: Crunching the Numbers

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, 2010 - as far as reading goes- was shaping up to be an excellent year. While I didn't finish all my challenges, or feel like my TBR pile is any smaller than it was a year ago, I did read a whopping 289 books! This year I kept track of a few more statistics than I had previously:

Of those 289 books:
128 books were YA
161 were adult
41 books were written by male authors
248 books were written by females
49 books were ones I owned, 240 were library books
63 books were non-fiction, 226 books were fiction

In 2011 I still plan on keeping track of all of the above, but I have also added one more bit of information to track: year of publication. While my husband doesn't understand why I would need to know any of these things, I still think it is interesting to look back on my year of reading. I don't think this information will make me change my reading in any way, but it gives a pretty good break down of where I am getting my books, and the types of authors and books I read.

Onward to 2011 and a year filled with more reading!


Kay said...

Tina, the number of books you read in 2010 is amazing! I notice that you're more of a woman author reader than a man author reader as am I. My number was way skewed to the female side. LOL

I am going to try to read a bit more non-fiction this year. I think I read 3 out of 114. Barely a blip. We'll see as I do like a good story.

Katie said...

That is incredible! How in the world did you read so many books??? I have a huge library-lover too. Probably part of the reason why I decided to become a librarian :)

Lisa said...