Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Things a Brother Knows

I have only read one of Dana Reinhardt's books up until now - although I own How To Build a House and have yet to read it despite my best intentions. The Things a Brother Knows is Reinhardt's newest book, centering around two brothers. Levi is the younger brother. He isn't as tough or masculine as his older brother Boaz who has joined the Marines and is serving his country, fighting overseas. Although the brothers aren't extremely close, Levi is looking forward to Boaz's return home. Then his parents will stop worrying and life can return to normal. Except that life doesn't return to normal when Boaz comes back. Boaz stays in his room and doesn't talk to anyone. Even though he is looked at in his town as a hero, the war has definitely left its mark on Boaz. Physically he appears fine, but emotionally the war has left him with many scars. Although he doesn't talk to Levi, he does use Levi's laptop. Levi wants to know what is going on with Boaz, and snoops on his computer activities, looking at the websites that Boaz has been visiting. When Boaz begins walking to Washington, DC, Levi is intent on finding his brother on his journey and helping him put his pieces back together.

The Things a Brother Knows helps cement my love of Reinhardt's work. There are a few books out there for young adults that are realistic fiction books about our current war. I have loved each one of them, and this one is no exception. This book helps expand the collection of books about this important topic.

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