Friday, January 7, 2011

Perfect Square

Perfect Square by Michael Hall doesn't come out until March, but I received a galley before Christmas and am so excited to finally get to use it this spring. I have seen one blogger's prediction that this is one that will receive Caldecott buzz in 2012, and I am hoping it receives some sort of attention.

Hall begins Perfect Square with a square. As the story progresses the square is torn into various shapes and other things are constructed from it. The illustrations are great, and the way Hall ties this all together is also clever. I am just dying to use this with a group of students because this has a great extension activity written all over it. The ELP teacher at my school wrote down the title and author today, too, after I gushed about it. Next week I plan on promoting it to our art teacher.

Perfect Square is a selection that students that kindergarteners will enjoy and so will fifth graders. The adults I have shown it to are all loving it as well, so there is a wide appeal.

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