Monday, January 24, 2011


Today was a great mail day! I read other bloggers Mailbox Monday posts with envy sometimes because while I do receive books in the mail from publishers occasionally, I certainly do not get a lot of books this way. Today was an exception as three different books were waiting in a stack for me when I arrived home. Two are chapter books that I will need to review later, but one - from Harper Collins- was the long awaited Silverlicious. All three of my daughters squealed excitedly when I showed them what would be waiting for us at bedtime tonight.

We were not disappointed. Victoria Kann's books that began with Pinkalicious continue to entertain my girls. In this installment, Pinkalicious has lost a tooth. Not just any tooth, either. She has lost her sweet tooth, causing sweets to taste horrible. Although she writes a letter to the tooth fairy asking for help, the tooth fairy is occupied elsewhere and Cupid, the Easter Bunny and Santa's elf all try and help her out. By book's end all is silverlicous and Pinkalicious is happy once more.

While my absolute favorite book in this series that now numbers four is the original Pinkalicious, a book we often read at bedtimes even now a few years after reading it for the first time, each one of these books is well loved at our house. I have already ordered Silverlicious for my library at school where I am sure it will rarely stay on the shelves.

Pinkalicious lovers won't be disappointed by this new, beautiful, silver picture book.
*Review copy provided by Harper Collins


Rachel said...

My daughter LOVES the Pinkalicious books...we haven't read them all yet but are hoping to get more soon. Can't wait to read them with her!

Marce said...

I will definitely look this one up, my daughter goes 4 soon and loves to read, it sounds delightful.

Marce said...

OMG have you read the amazon reviews, lol, they are always good for a laugh, lighten up people :-0

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

I'll be reviewing this one soon. It is so cute!

Ti said...

The Girl and I enjoy Kann's books quite a bit.

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog the other day to recommend a book club book. I appreciate it. My mind is going wonky from all the choices.