Saturday, January 15, 2011

Fixing Delilah

Fixing Delilah is Sarah Ockler's sophomore novel - a solid, if not better, YA novel than her first, Twenty Boy Summer.

Delilah and her mother have grown apart. Her mother is a workaholic and Delilah is experiencing some teen rebellion. With the unexpected death of Delilah's grandmother, the two pack up to spend the summer in Vermont with aunt Rachel as they prepare her house for sale and plan a funeral. Delilah reconnects with the neighbor boy she has not seen for eight years- since her mother and aunt Rachel fought with their mother and left abruptly never to return or talk to her again. Delilah is desperate to find out what happened to her mother's other sister, Stephanie, who died suddenly at the age of nineteen before Delilah was even born. When she comes across Stephanie's journal she feels as though she is getting a bit more information, but still wants to know what happened that destroyed her mother's relationship with her grandmother. However, finding out is not easy either, as now Delilah must come to terms with what she knows.

While what Delilah finds out is unexpected to her, prior to reading this portion I had contemplated what revelations would be coming, anticipating that one would be about Delilah's parentage. Ockler does tackle this, and while I suspected it was coming, there are other revelations I had not anticipated.

Fixing Delilah is a great read for YAs wanting a bit of romance and family drama.


The Crazy Bookworm said...

Great review! I'll have to read this, it's been on TBR for a while now. Just hoppin' through via the hop. Great blog you have here! Feel free to come visit me at my blog The Crazy Bookworm

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Peaceful Reader said...

This sounds great!

Tammy said...

I'll have to be on the lookout for this one-it sounds good. Thanks for the review!