Sunday, December 19, 2010

When I was growing up, I remember my mother telling me that the friendships I formed in college would be ones that stayed with me for my lifetime. For a while those friendships felt so "new." These new friends had never been around for my childhood or high school years and didn't know my family at all. Of course over time this has all changed. These are the people that I can call any time and we can resume our friendship just like no time has elapsed. Their friendship no longer feels "new" - we have now known each other for almost twenty years!

Last night my husband and I got together with three other couples - two of them friends from our college days- to go out to eat and then see Tonic Sol-Fa, an acappella group, perform in Des Moines. Some of these people we haven't seen for a few years. But as soon as we begin talking it is just like no time has passed. We all look a little older, but aside from that, much about us remains the same. Now we trade stories about our children and our bedtime is a lot earlier than during our college days, and perhaps are a little kinder than we were back in college. Seeing these friends reminds me of how much I enjoy spending time with them and how little we actually make time to do this. Even though we didn't make it home until almost 1 AM (the two hour drive didn't help things), it was well worth it.

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