Sunday, December 19, 2010

Accomplice - I Was Sucked Right In

Eireann Corrigan's novel, Accomplice, had me hooked instantly. This is an interesting read. Two friends, Finn and Chloe, have decided to stage Chloe's disappearance as a way of getting some attention. Both girls are juniors, trying to find a way to make their names stick out and be accepted to college. The plan they concoct to do this involves Chloe disappearing, and Finn remaining behind to eventually rescue her friend.

In a nutshell, that is the basic plot of this book. But there is much more to this story. While the girls feel that they have thought of any possible scenario that might arise, things don't go as planned entirely. Chloe finds her time hiding in Finn's grandmother's basement to be extremely lonely. When Finn is able to check on her, the two must discuss their plan, and how Chloe will be found. As the end of Chloe's planned disappearance nears, tension mounts between the girls, creating a fracture in their friendship that is never fixed. Although Chloe and Finn were always the best of friends, after Chloe's disappearance, their lives which once seemed so intertwined, begin taking divergent paths. Although time has passed by book's end, it is Finn who is still dealing with the effects of their act.

This story has a bit of suspense, but most of all, I found the idea intriguing that these two high school girls were able to carry out this disappearance without being found out. Although both girls seemed to have everything going for them, the stress of their plan made it more than obvious that one of them was operating with only themselves in mind, making for an interesting character study. Accomplice is told in Finn's voice, and even though I didn't agree with her choices, I could relate to her.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable YA read.

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