Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Memories

Today has of course been full of lots of food and eating. I have enjoyed cherry pie and an Andes Mint pie as well. I made the Pioneer Woman's olive bread recipe that is just the right combination of salty and cheesy. I have snacked all day long. My mom and dad and my in-laws came over for lunch. After they went home, we all took a three hour nap. This evening we have put up our Christmas tree and decorations. My husband has painted the family room in the basement - part of the project he started last week with his emergency IKEA trip.

Five years ago today, our oldest daughter was diagnosed with a Stage IV liver cancer, hepatoblastoma. I remember then thinking about what our future may hold -if we could ever be lucky enough to celebrate holidays with her years in the future. Today was a milestone of sorts- a day when we are especially thankful to have three healthy daughters. Thankful that we can celebrate together, that we can create more holiday memories.

Maybe it seems as though I am stuck on the same event each and every Thanksgiving. However, that day in 2005 put everything into perspective very quickly. All it takes is a trip down memory lane to some very scary and sad moments to bring everything back crystal clear.

We don't really like reliving this time in our life, but there were blessings along the way - especially very supportive family and friends who continue to be there for us.

There are many families who are not as fortunate as ours, and we continue to remember them in our thoughts and prayers every day, but especially during this holiday season. Our holiday memories will always include the events of Thanksgiving 2005. I have decided that is not always a bad thing. It has made us much more thankful for what we have today. Hopefully we will be able to celebrate many more happy and healthy holidays in our future, and remember those who struggle during this time of year without their loved ones.

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(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Tina.....what a touching post. I am unclear as to if your daughter survived Stage IV cancer or not, but I can just imagine how devastating that news must have been. sad very sad