Friday, November 26, 2010

Everything But the Horse - A New Storytime Favorite

My youngest daughter is obsessed with horses. She has been lucky enough to get to ride a friend's horse a few times and each day as we drive into town from our house we pass a horse farm that she takes special note of. For her birthday she received many horse items- horse umbrella, horse boots, clothing with horses, a horse pillow....the list is endless. Now when we visit the library we also check out any horse book on display. I will admit I have become a little tired of the non-fiction horse books on various breeds. Mostly because my daughter does not pay attention to them at all. I excitedly checked out Everything But the Horse by Holly Hobbie on one of our library visits and thought this book looked promising - and different from the normal fare she selects.

Everything But the Horse written by Holly Hobbie, the author of the Toot and Puddle books is a cute, wonderful childhood memory of Hobbie's own girlhood when she longed for her own horse. After moving from her close knit neighborhood to a house in the country with no electricity and an outhouse, Hobbie is excited by the animals she is able to have around her. And she is especially excited when she watches some other girls from the country ride by on their horses. Hobbie longs for her own horse, certain that on her birthday the surprise awaiting her in the barn will be that horse she has been longing for.

It was fun to see my girls predict what Hobbie's gift would be, and also fun to see all of our surprised faces when it is revealed. Unfortunately this one had to go back to the library, but I will be ordering a copy for my school. What a perfect story!

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