Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm With Fatty

Twice today people have asked me what I am reading. Responding with "I'm With Fatty" makes me want to explain myself - I'm almost embarrassed to say the title. I also want to tell people that despite the title, I am enjoying this memoir about a food obsessed freelance writer who goes on a fifty-week quest to lose fifty pounds.

Ugel's diet begins when his wife, upset by his snoring, has him visit a sleep clinic. There, he is instructed to wear a CPAP machine.
"I'd be like Tom Cruise in Top Gun with that thing on my face. At the very least, I'd look like Goose, and I can settle for that. Goose never accused Matt Lauer of being glib (30)."

The entire memoir is full of humorous phrases as Ugel pokes fun at himself and his size. Yet, despite the laughter, Ugel is also telling the story of food and its impact on his life. His love affair with eating began in childhood and continues into adulthood. Within the year of losing weight, there are many ups and downs. And, perhaps most importantly, Ugel learns a few things about himself. He is a binge eater. Despite how well his diet/weight loss is coming along, he is really just a donut or pint of ice cream away from losing it entirely.
I seem to gravitate toward these types of books. I can definitely understand Ugel's binge eating. I probably have my own issues with food, and often find myself eating without being hungry. While Ugel had a lot of weight to lose, I have found myself in a constant state of always being just 5-10 pounds heavier than I want. While Ugel's book won't necessarily spur me toward dieting, I enjoyed hearing his take on his relationship with food and at least starting my thought process (again) on how I can do a better job of eating healthy.

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