Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Belated Friday Five

As always for me, I am a bit late on my Friday Five. Maybe someday I will write this post ahead of time, adding great links as the week progresses. Until then, it just happens when it happens.

We are experiencing gorgeous weather again- this may be the best fall I can remember. We haven't had a drop of rain in a long time - not always a good thing- but that has meant for beautiful, sunny days. My middle daughter was able to get some practice riding her bike today and the training wheels are OFF! We are just now making a loaf of beer bread and taco soup for supper with the intent to sit down and watch a movie together. I have been grocery shopping, worked at the public library this morning, visited another library, and managed to acquire some new book that I checked out and purchased. I am hoping for some reading time later as well as some time to check out other blogs on the Blog Hop.

My Friday Five:

1. I am always looking for new books that are coming out as part of Waiting on Wednesday hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It is so hard to find a title that no one else has heard of before. This week I stumbled up which has tons of links for book lovers. And I was able to find a few lists of Spring 2011 books. YAY!

2. I have loved, loved, loved Scholastic book orders since my own school days. I was always the student who hounded the teacher each and every day until the order arrived. Travis at 100 Scope Notes managed to lay his hands on a book order form from 1992 - a true blast from the past.

3. National Book Awards Finalists were announced. I am enjoying looking over the list of nominees - and once again adding to my list of books I would like to read someday.

4. I've been working with a group of students after school two nights a week. Right now they need help with decimals, so I have been looking online to get some ideas and see if there are any great games out there. The kids I work with - and my nine year old daughter- think Fact Monster is a pretty great website.

5. Meg Waite Clayton, whose first novel, The Wednesday Sisters, I loved, loved, loved writes on her blog about the impact of book bloggers in spreading the word about her book.

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