Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Knuffle Bunny Free

Dear Mo,

Thank you for your Knuffle Bunny books. Tonight when we read Knuffle Bunny Free we were sad and mad. We can't believe Knuffle Bunny is over. We can't believe Trixie gave her prized Knuffle away. We are mourning in our household, while still enjoying the final book in this series. Please keep writing such wonderful books!

Big Sister, Middle Sister, and Little Sister

When I stopped by Barnes and Noble today I couldn't resist picking up Knuffle Bunny Free by Mo Willems. I loved Knuffle Bunny when it first came out and read and re-read it to my oldest daughter who quickly memorized it and read it herself repeatedly. The second book offered up more entertainment. As did the stuffed Knuffle Bunnies we bought. And now, this third book has summed everything up quite nicely. Readers will still appreciate Mo's awesome photography with artwork on top, still enjoy the love Trixie feels for Knuffle Bunny, her stuffed animal she has grown up with, and will appreciate that Trixie is truly growing up, and perhaps is not quite as reliant on Knuffle.

We read Knuffle Bunny Free just one time tonight. My oldest daughter, who has grown up with Trixie, and invested the most time in the Knuffle Bunny books had a hard time with the way things ended. She still sleeps with "Puppy," a gift given to her on the day her little sister was born, and has a deep understanding of what Knuffle meant to Trixie. Right now she isn't happy with Mo. However, she did take Knuffle Bunny Free to bed with her - probably to read again and look things over more slowly and with more attention than we can when I am reading aloud to three children.

While I am sad that this is it for Knuffle Bunny and Trixie, I love, love, love these three books, and recognize Knuffle Bunny as the book that first turned me on to Mo Willems' work. I can read and re-read these books to my own children, or my students at school, and know immediately that they will love them, too. We have been awaiting the publication of Knuffle Bunny Free for a while - and as usual, are happily entertained.

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