Friday, July 23, 2010

Random Friday

Just some random thoughts from the week:

* I'm still deciding what I think about my new background. The Cutest Blog on the Block needed everyone to grab a new background this week, and my old one is still there, but I thought I would give this one a try. We'll see.

* Overnight my town received 7.5 inches of rain. We are soaked. Luckily we live in a high and dry location, but others aren't so lucky. It is always amazing to drive around and look at how high the rivers and creeks are. And the thunder. Oh, my. I think I spent much of last night listening to it rumble and rumble and rumble. I should have actually got up and read for a while because there certainly wasn't any sleeping going on.

* My oldest two daughters and I stopped at my school - which I will get to go back to in a few weeks- and then went out for lunch. We also had a nice shopping trip. I made the mistake of taking them to Bath and Body Works, a store they have never gone into. Now they will always insist on it, I'm afraid. The salesgirl was so nice to them and helped them smell lotions and let them test out different lip glosses. Luckily this is a store that always has "deals," so each girl
(plus my daughter who was napping at daycare) got a lotion, small hand sanitizer, and lip gloss.

* My school is instituting a more stringent dress code. Most of it is common sense, but the part that is killing me is the "no open toe shoes" rule. What will I wear with capris? I can understand no flip flops, but there are so many gorgeous, dressy, professional looking sandals that this rule I am just really sad about. I am slightly less sad after buying two new pairs of shoes today, but I will miss getting to wear my summery shoes.

* We have no weekend plans aside from church, something I am looking forward to. On my "to do" list is cleaning my bedroom and going through my stacks of books - something my husband will appreciate. I am also hoping that we can get to see Ramona and Beezus in the theater. We should finish up Ramona the Pest, our bedtime book, and then begin the next in the series.

Happy Weekend!


Melissa (Betty and Boo's Mommy) said...

My daughter was the same way with her first trip to Bath and Body Works, too. Fortunately, as you said, there are often good deals there that they can get.

We're hoping to see Ramona and Beezus soon, too.

Loren said...

Sounds like a great week :0) I know what you mean about B&B ~ they are always soo good and their service is awesome! That movie looks so cute!

Hope you have a blessed weekend and have fun on cleaning your books up! I did that recently and like your DH mine totally appreciated it ;)

Love and Blessings