Saturday, July 24, 2010

Picture Book Saturday

Amanda at A Patchwork of Books always writes a great post each Saturday featuring a few picture books she has enjoyed during the week. This week I have read several cute picture books at bedtime to my daughters. Instead of returning them to the library without writing about them, a bad habit I have gotten into, I am going to blog on them today and try to do a better job in the future of sharing about picture books as well as the other books I am still reading and reviewing.

The Quiet Book by Deborah Underwood was an Indie Childrens Summer Book Pick, one I was excited to get from the library. I liked the muted colors and cute animals depicting all the things that quiet is. This book showcases all the many ways to experience quiet. From "best friends don't need to talk quiet" to "making a wish quiet" and many others, this book could elicit some great conversation with kids, too.

The Sandwich Swap by Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah is a cute picture book. I loved the illustrations by Tricia Tusa, showing two very different girls who became friends. I am always somewhat skeptical when celebrities write books, but I did enjoy this story. The two girls are friends despite their differences. However, when a fight breaks out between the girls because of the different foods each girl eats, the girls learn an important lesson about appreciating each other for our differences. This is a story that could be used by many a classroom teacher to foster good relationships within the school and beyond.

Put It On the List by Kristen Darbyshire was a delightful read aloud - especially for my youngest daughter who enjoyed this story about a family who runs out of essential food items, but forgets to buy things when they are at the store. I am sure she was especially delighted because she can relate well to this frequent occurrence in our house.


Loren said...

These look like such great books :)

Thanks for sharing ~ I will have to check them out!

Pragmatic Mom said...

Thank you for introducing these three sweet books to me! How adorable are they?! Will try to find them at the library! I just love the title: The Quiet Book! You think it really inspires your kids to be quiet? That would be nice!

Pragmatic Mom
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