Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Something Like Fate

Susane Colasanti's latest book Something Like Fate is another solid YA novel by an author I am coming to enjoy more and more. I have only read one other Colasanti book, When It Happens, that I thoroughly enjoyed, and have been looking forward to this one's release.

First of all, before the book is even opened, Something Like Fate has a thought provoking cover. I can't recall any other YA romance that has a boy and two girls on the cover, showing the love triangle that has occurred.

Lani and Erin are best friends, linked by a car accident they were in many years ago. Erin begins to date Jason, and Lani gets to know this boy that has been around her entire life, yet is someone she doesn't really know. As she discovers more about Jason, she begins to feel that the two are fated to be together. There are so many things that the two have in common. Erin trusts her best friend and boyfriend, not suspecting they are beginning to have feelings for each other. When Erin leaves for the summer to work as a camp counselor, the two reveal their feelings, but aren't sure how to proceed since Lani still wants to be friends with Erin, and feels guilt over causing her friend sadness.

There are a lot of interesting issues and ideas in this book. It is easy to see how Lani and Jason are attracted to each other, and I was pleasantly surprised by the adult way they discussed their feelings much of the time. Erin's reaction to finding out about Lani and Jason is probably typical, but when she forwards an email and a website poking fun/bullying Lani is the result, I felt like there could have been more development. Since we have seen things about cyberbullying in the news and this is such an important issue, the quick resolution offered without consequences to those who were the offenders doesn't really seem adequate.
The setting of New Jersey seems to be a bit different than New Jersey is often presented. The community Lani lives in is small and she and her family are a part of environmental groups and take pleasure in gardening and plants.

Colasanti's plot was very believable, and I continue to enjoy her writing style. She seems to offer a fresh, yet realistic viewpoint in YA literature. And while I didn't enjoy this one as much as the other one I have read by her, her fans will find this an enjoyable read.

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