Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Daughters

Today was the day for me to dig out some YA fluff - another book that is due all too soon at the library. Joanna Philbin, daughter of talk show host Regis Philbin, is the author of The Daughters, a YA tale of three girls growing up in their parents' shadows (have you heard the advice "write what you know?"). While Philbin may be recalling her own adolescence as the daughter of a famous personality, this book is a fun look at life in New York City with a few affluent young ladies. Lizzie is the daughter of a gorgeous model. Unlike her beautiful mother, Lizzie has somes serious flaws with her appearance and often compares herself to her stunning mother. Lizzie is the narrator of this story - the quest for her to accept her appearance (which isn't that hard after she gets "found" by a local talent scout looking for natural beauty), and her relationship with her former neighbor Todd who moves back after spending a few years in London. She is flanked by her friends Hudson (with a name like I Hudson I continually thought this character was a boy!), who is destined to be a big music sensation, and Carina the daughter of a billionaire who is climbing the corporate ladder.

I liked this fun book a lot. There's a little suspense as Lizzie embarks on her own modeling career and initially falters in the decisions she makes. And, the attraction that she and Todd feel for each other also adds some suspense and romance. Because Lizzie isn't perfect she is a likeable character. I especially enjoyed how Philbin gave Lizzie a little depth by showing her passion for reading (as a librarian that's hard not to like!) and the classics and her skill as a writer.

Lucky for me this is only Philbin's first book in what is now to be a series. The next book in The Daughters series will be out in November 2010.

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