Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break Has Come and Gone

Spring Break is officially over - tomorrow we are back to the real world. I started spring break out strong- cleaning the refrigerator and vacuuming out the car, but as the week unfolded, I didn't really do much more spring cleaning. I felt busy running my kids to and from school, doing some errands, and just being at home. I did managed to connect with some neighbor gals for coffee one morning - something I usually miss out on. On Wednesday the girls, my mom, and I took a day trip to the Mall of America. I did read a few books, but not anywhere near what I had hoped. The weather this week was fairly nice - and maybe too much of a taste of summer for me to be very excited about going back to school. I am busy working on Liz Curtis Higgs new book, Here Burns My Candle, that I am reviewing for Multnomah Press this week. I also have several other books I have started and need to finish up, so if I am lucky this week I should have a few reviews to post.
I still have lesson plans to write tonight, books to read, and girls to put to bed. I am hoping not to fall asleep while reading and to be able to jump out of bed when my alarm goes off in the morning.

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