Friday, March 19, 2010

The Privileges

I had so meant to get a lot of books read during my spring break this past week. My oldest daughters had school so I knew I would be having a little time to be by myself, yet my break is almost over and I have read only a few books on the TBR pile!

I started Jonathan Dee's book The Privileges early in the week. I had a lot of starts and stops early on making it hard for me to get into it. To make matters worse, this is one book that had a lot of words on each and every page! Finally yesterday I had a bit of time to sit and read for an extended period and was hooked. I tried to finish it up last night, but fell asleep while reading.

What the book is about: Cynthia and Adam are the golden couple. Married young, the two amass wealth beyond compare and lead a charmed life. Their children are beautiful, they travel extensively and have anything money can buy. Years pass, and while their children grow up, the wealth their parents have doesn't prevent them from experiencing their own suffering. This isn't a story with some suspenseful plot, but rather the story about the Morey family and their lives as they unfold throughout the years. While their wealth and lack of scruples don't make them particularly well-liked, they do seem human and real.

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Diane said...

I'm not sure if I'd like this one, but i did add it to my wish list some time ago.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Tuna.