Sunday, March 28, 2010


Kate White's books have been favorites of mine for a few years. I love a chick lit mystery and her series featuring reporter Bailey Weggins were fun to read and suspenseful - and after a few in the series I really felt as though I knew the characters. This spring White has a new book out, but Hush is a stand-alone mystery, not one in her series.

I liked this book every bit as much as the others by Kate White, and found this book more than a little creepy from time to time. (One night I actually had to stop reading and didn't pick the book up for a few days after I scared myself thinking about the main character finding a dead body lying in bed).

Lake Warren is working in marketing for a fertility clinic in New York City. She has only been at the job for a short time, and her marriage is on the rocks as she now finds herself in a contentious custody battle. Just days after being instructed to live a chaste life by her attorney so her soon-to-be ex doesn't have any additional ammunition to support his custory claim, Lake finds herself leaving the scene of a crime - the doctor at the fertility clinic that Lake just slept with just happened to be murdered while Lake was out on his terrace. Strange things begin to happen to Lake, but instead of talking to the police, Lake keeps everything to herself because of the custody battle, and her unwillingness to admit she was with Dr. Keaton on the night he was murdered. There's a lot going on in this mystery and I will admit I wasn't even trying to determine on my own who committed the crime - I'm never very good at solving mysteries, so this might not be a very good measure of how good a mystery is - but I was a little surprised at the ending.

Hush will not be a book that everyone is talking about, but it is a fun chick lit mystery and one I enjoyed without being overly critical while I was reading. Whether White decides to add on to the Bailey Weggins series or perhaps create a series featuring Lake Warren, I will check in again next spring for White's newest installment.

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I have not read any books by this author yet, but I have this book here. It sounds really good and I think I need to move it up the TBR pile. Thanks for sharing!