Monday, February 15, 2010

President's Day

Several teachers remarked to me today that they had sort of forgotten about President's Day. I will admit I hadn't really thought much about it, except that we weren't going to get mail. Since I love getting the mail any holiday that cancels mail service is depressing, but considering the number of books I have read about the presidents I will forgive the lack of mail service and enjoy the celebration of our presidents.

We have several new books I have shared about Barack Obama at previous times, all to the great interest of my students. I just received another book, First Family by Deborah Hopkinson, that several groups had read to them today. This book was read at home a week ago, and enjoyed greatly by my children. The groups that heard it today also enjoyed it. It is interesting to find out what life in the White House is like, especially for Sasha and Malia. Students heard about their access to a movie theater, bowling alley and swimming pool. We also heard about the Obamas vegetable garden, Barack and Michelle's daily exercise regimen, and the Secret Service who keep the Obamas safe. The students remarked several times about the illustrations, all enticing to them where they were easily able to identify each of the Obamas and the events and activities that were a part of their daily routine.

While this is a school library book, I am sure my own children would love to own their own copy. They are very intrigued by the private life of the First Family and this picture book is right at their interest level.

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