Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Overnight Socialite

Sometimes it is good to have a book to read that is just pure fun. The Overnight Socialite is a book that fits the bill in that regard. I read and enjoyed Bridie Clark's first book, Because She Can, a few years ago, and was excited to see this latest book.

Focusing on the society set in New York, Clark's novel is a rags to riches story. Lucy Jo is from a small town in Minnesota, trying to make it as a fashion designer in New York City. When she is fired from her job, Lucy doesn't have any options left. Until....Wyatt, newly single after breaking up with super rich, super bitch Cornelia Rockwood offer Lucy a proposition. Wyatt will help her make her way in society, and she will be an experiment of a sort for him. Lucy learns her lessons quickly, unaware of exactly how Wyatt is benefiting from her participation. Cornelia, upset that Wyatt would reject her is on a mission to exact revenge and find out exactly who Lucy is. Somewhat predictable, it is obvious that Lucy will be exposed for the average American she is, born without a silver spoon in her mouth or blue blood pedigree. And of course Lucy will figure out what Wyatt is up to and have to decide for herself how she wants to proceed.

Aside from this plot, there is also the story of Lucy and her mother's relationship - Rita has never been much of a mother to Lucy, who has often had to take care of her mom. When Lucy moves to New York she is able to leave her mother behind, and just as Lucy feels like she has a chance at realizing her dream, Rita shows up, jeopardizing everything for Lucy. Even though Lucy's treatment of her mother was at times rude, it was hard for me to root for Rita. Lucy was such a likeable character that even her mistreatment of her mother, which caused her to feel guilty, didn't make me like her any less.

This is a great chick lit book. I read this on my Kindle, and after getting into it, had a hard time putting it down. Despite some of its predictability, The Overnight Socialite was still an enjoyable read by an author I enjoy.

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