Friday, January 1, 2010

Best YA Books of 2009

Yes, it is 2010 and I am still left reminiscing over 2009. I had my list of best YA books I read this past year all ready to go several days ago, but between signing up for challenges and finishing a few more books, I never got around to posting. As I wrote in my post about the best adult books I read in 2009, my list is truly subjective. My "bests" may be no one else's. And, this list only includes what I read this past year- my TBR pile is enormous, so I know I have missed some wonderful books published in the past year. My only hope is that I get to them sooner or later.

1. Thaw by Monica Roe - Dane is dealing with Gullain Barre syndrome that has robbed him of the use of every muscle in his body. This book is told in Dane's perspective, and he's not the most likeable guy, yet this book was wonderful.
2. Artichoke's Heart by Suzanne Supplee - Rosemary Goode is fat. Despite the nagging from her mother, Rosemary turns to food to find comfort. Over time she makes some adjustments to her life and sees success in exercise and monitoring her diet. A good body-image book for teens.
3. Child of Dandelions by Shenaaz Nanji- 1972 Uganda - historical fiction need I say more? I can't believe I almost returned this one without reading it.
4. The Wild Girls by Pat Murphy - Joan moves and meets an unusual girl who lives in a house in the woods with her writer father. The two girls become friends and win a writing contest together as well as deal with issues in their own families.
5. The Red Blazer Girls by Michael Beil - these sleuths are so clever it puts Nancy Drew to shame.
6. If I Stay by Gayle Forman- Mia is in a horrific car accident with her family. Narrating this story while in a coma Mia introduces us to the backstory of her life, all the while trying to decide if she should fight for life, or leave this world.
7. Bull Rider by Suzanne Morgan Williams- so many things I liked about this one. I liked that this is a good guy novel, that there is some real life, present day connection as Cam and his family struggle with the return of Ben, his brother, from war. Ben has physical injuries from his war experience as well as emotional ones.
8. Here When You Reach Me by Rebecca Stead -I am hoping this one gets some Newbery attention- there's a bit of a time travel/ability to see the future element, along with an entertaining plot.
9. Comfort by Joyce Meyer Hostetter - historical fiction - 1945 - Ann Fay's dad has returned from the war and Ann Fay must try to deal with her polio. Both have many adjustments to make.
10. All The Broken Pieces by Ann E Burg - written in verse - Viet Nam era- Matt was born in Viet Nam to a Vietnamese mother and American soldier father. His brother was injured in an accident that Matt still has nightmares about. His adoptive family is wonderfully loving and accepting and tries everything to help Matt deal with his experiences.


Becky said...

Some of your favorites are my favorites too!

Serena said...

I haven't read any of these. Thanks for the list.

Happy New Year!

Suzanne Morgan Williams said...

Honored to have Bull Rider included on your top ten.