Monday, January 18, 2010

And Now We Know

I had the good fortune to have today off from school, while my children had to get up and go to school. By some strange occurrence, I also decided to get up early and exercise just like a normal workday. This allowed me to actually be ready for the day as soon as two girls were delivered to school and one was delivered to the babysitter. (I sort of feel guilty about this, but after the weekend, she desperately needed a nap, and I had some jobs I needed to get done). For a while I entertained the idea of going shopping or to the library or somewhere. But we have been having incredibly foggy weather and it just didn't seem very fun to think about driving anywhere. Then I thought about sitting around and reading all day. And then I walked into our house and saw all the cleaning that it needed, and I knew that I couldn't sit around and read without feeling incredibly guilty. So I cleaned. All day. I did meet my husband for lunch at his office, and I was able to get supper started early and pick the kids up from school and daycare. I actually feel as though I accomplished a few things, even though the house is far from clean. I read a few pages in a book while I was waiting for my oldest daughter at piano lessons, and I think I can finish that book tonight.

And, just like every other book blogger I took some time to look at the award winners announced at the ALA Midwinter Conference in Boston. YAY - When You Reach Me! I so loved this book. The honor books don't surprise me, but I haven't read any of them yet. And, the Caldecott winner is not a surprise, either. All the Printz books were ones I didn't really know, except Going Bovine which I have checked out right now. I love knowing who the winners are and adding great books to my TBR piles.

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