Friday, December 4, 2009

Random Friday

I'm not sure who else participates in Random Friday, but I always enjoy reading Lisa's Random Friday posts on Books, Lists, Life. Since this week has been hectic, today is a great day for a Random Friday post, especially since I haven't finished anything else to review.

I know this is just a busy time of year, but this week has really been a little bit too much for me. We started out the week by having the girls' elementary Christmas concert on Monday night. On Tuesday I had an after school tutoring session for some fourth graders. When I got home we quickly got on swimming suits and headed off to swimming lessons. However, when we arrived the teacher was leaving. She said she left a message on my cell phone, but when I checked later there was no message or missed call. So.....we spent an hour in the car driving to and from lessons we didn't have. Wednesday, which should have been my day to catch up, really didn't help me out much. I had another after school meeting and my husband was gone at a wrestling meet he had to help with. My mom was nice enough to watch the girls, but they returned home and claimed they were starving because my mom hadn't made supper. I doubt that was the whole story, but we looked into our refrigerator and didn't see much to choose from, so we ate some old pizza leftovers and a few other snacks. Last night I had another after school tutoring session and my husband's Christmas party for work. And - we also had our first real snow of the year. UGH. The roads were horrible. My normal 20 minute drive was 40 minutes long, and the last few miles from town to our home I drove 5 miles an hour on what appeared to be a sheet of ice. I would like to say that tonight I can relax, but Friday nights is gymnastics night, so that is where I will be.

On the agenda for the weekend:
* grocery shopping and writing up my menu for next week so I feel a little more organized
* finishing my Christmas shopping (mostly on-line so I don't have to brave the crowds)
*Christmas program practice at church
*getting my oldest daughter to and from a birthday party
*a trip to the library because I went through my big stack of books and just feel like cleaning out!
*getting in a nice, long run
*hopefully reading and relaxing

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Lisa said...

I'd be so annoyed at the swimming teacher!

I love to go to the library, even if I don't need anything.