Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Luxe-Better Late Than Never

Ahhhh.....a family snow day at home. Three kids - two who had no school, and a husband that had no work today, and me without school as well. This added up to a really nice, long run on the treadmill and finishing up some books. I finally convinced myself that it would be OK if I finished reading it even while I wasn't on the Airdyne bike, which had been my previous plan. While the bike is a great place to get some reading done, it also doesn't allow for me to get a huge chunk of a book read in a sitting, so it felt great to read the last one hundred pages without having to stop a few times in between.

And, like the other reviews I have read of Luxe, I have nothing but good things to say. I love historical fiction books, especially YA historical fiction. New York City in 1899 is an interesting setting and focusing on the upper class of that time period was also entertaining. Godbersen sucks readers in from the very first chapter when everyone is attending Elizabeth Holland's funeral. The rest of the book is set a few months prior to the funeral and continues up until the last chapter which gives information as to what actually happened to Elizabeth, who is just days away from marrying an eligible bachelor that will keep her family from the poorhouse.
There is a lot of drama in this book, lots of secrets, and plenty of loose ends that make me want to crack open the second in this series very soon.
I've read reviews that liken this to the Gossip Girls....well, the Gossip Girls is a lot more scandalous to me.....I almost felt a small hint of Sunfire Romance, with a little more smut, of course.
I only wish I would have read this book right away...I actually bought a copy right when it was first released. This is the one tragedy of having a TBR pile that is totally out of control.
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