Thursday, December 10, 2009

Another Snow Day

Two snow days in a row! A second day of sleeping in, which I could really get used to....although the idea of being stuck in our house isn't such a great feeling. Luckily we could get out and about by the afternoon and made it into town for a trip to the library and to swimming lessons tonight. Tomorrow we will be going to school on time and then have a lovely weekend off.
I did finish one book today, which I will review tomorrow, but my main project has been starting my eight year old and a good friend on their own book blog they are working on together. Stop on over and visit They are pretty excited about this, and I must admit I am a bit jealous because in the whole twelve hours they have been blogging they have acquired three followers. In my year of blogging I only have four followers. Sigh.
My reviewing will have to wait until tomorrow because it is already late and I have a few pages I would like to read before I fall asleep.


Elaine said...

Hey, I am lurking, but I am a follower. I love your blog! I teach with Peaceful Reader and found your blog through a link from hers. I love to read and enjoy both of your book blogs. (You probably have more followers than you realize so don't quit!)

Lisa said...

(You have 15 subscribers on Google Reader!)

I wish we would have a snow day, this town doesn't stop for much though.