Monday, December 21, 2009

Let Me Tell You About My Day

Today is my first official day of Christmas vacation. My girls are still at school which means I got an early start on my day and spent a lot of time running from store to store finishing my Christmas shopping. I thought I was off to a great Target by 8:30 AM...then Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, and on to my fourth store by 9:45. Unfortunately, things slowed down. I did find inspiration for my parents and in-laws thank goodness, but unfortunately I had to stop at 3 different stores to take care of their gift. I also stopped by the library and picked up another book to read over break. While there my babysitter called to tell me my youngest daughter had a fever. Of course I would love to have a houseful of sick kids over break! What could be better? She does seem much recovered this evening, but my middle daughter has a scratchy throat and voice along with a very runny nose and my oldest daughter just got up to tell me her nose won't stop running. UGH. I am still quite happy to be DONE running around looking for gifts. I still have wrapping to do, but will attempt that tomorrow while the girls are at school for their last day before break.
I started the third Stieg Larsson book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest....initial thoughts:
1. it picks up right where the second book ends (which was rather unforgettable)
2. I maybe have to concentrate a bit more because of the British-ness of it
3. I am a little confused somewhere around page 90-ish because I think they are giving some back-story that I am not quite understanding.
4. I am planning on reading til my eyelids can't stay open any longer tonight.
5. The book is 600 pages long which provided a great division problem for my daughter as she tried to figure out how many days it would take me to read it provided I read X number of pages per day.

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