Monday, November 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Snack

I have probably totally distorted this picture, but last week I was visiting Life With Mom and saw this extremely cute idea for making a Thanksgiving turkey.
Supplies you need: cinnamon rolls, biscuits, chocolate chips and sugar sprinkles.
My girls and I tried making these this past Saturday and had a great time. I have a few things I will remember for next year when I make them again (like the fact that I don't really want to use the flaky biscuits) but this is definitely a keeper. Check out Life with Mom to get the whole recipe and see her pictures - this is one of them from her website. Her pictures are much better than mine.

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Anonymous said...

The turkeys are too cute. Just as an fyi, I noticed the name is actually because I followed the link and didn't see the turkeys so did a google search and noticed the name difference.