Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tonight I am actually able to use my school laptop at home - and have internet access. For the two - almost three - years we have lived in our present home we have had internet problems. We were told initially that we could get high speed internet. However, when we moved in we were told our neighborhood was at capacity and we would be on a waiting list. There have been numerous phone calls and discussions with other neighbors in the same situation but we had to be content with dial-up. Then our desktop computer died. It was old and it was not unexpected. We started using our old laptop. That quit, too. For the past couple of months we have not had a computer at our house. In some ways that has been good. We have found other things to do with our time. I still don't feel like I have extra time, anyway, even without having a computer around to goof around with. We also didn't want to buy a new computer just to hook it up to our crummy dial-up service.
Today, lo and behold, was our lucky day. My husband called our phone company again last week and miraculously they paid us a visit today and hooked us up. We are sitting here using two laptops in total disbelief that our internet is actually working.
We still need to buy a better computer, but my school laptop is doing the job for right now, and I am totally thrilled.

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congratulations on the internet thing