Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Just Mediocre

Usually I am a big Anita Shreve fan. I admit there are some of her books that I like better than others - my two favorites being The Pilot's Wife and Testimony. A Change In Altitude was just so-so for me. I really felt like the story never got started and I didn't really care one way or the other about the characters.

Margaret and Patrick, an American couple living in Nairobi, Kenya, where Patrick is a doctor decide to climb Mt. Kenya while there. They decide to go climbing with Arthur and Diana, a couple who befriends them, and who allow them to live in the guest cottage on their grounds. A terrible tragedy occurs while on the climb and the couple is left to try and evaluate the events they witnessed. I didn't really get where Shreve could be going with this story. Even as I have now completed it, I am still questioning. I did like the setting, knowing already that Shreve spent some time in Africa as a young woman, and the way she was able to describe the beauty of Kenya.

After I read Testimony, the most recent Shreve book, I was left thinking about this book for days. A Change of Altitude was, for me, forgettable and mediocre at best.

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