Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Waiting For Some Free Time

I enjoyed my three day weekend, having an extra day off. I thought I would get some reading done, but no such luck. I did read a wonderful memoir Between Me and the River by Carrie Host that I am going to be reviewing in the upcoming weeks, but I am also suffering from having too many books to choose from. I just have had a hard time finding "the" book.
On a different topic, I am still without a working van. The three girls and I have been driving around our small Ford Contour. Thank goodness we have an extra vehicle to drive, but I will be looking forward to having more room. I think this will diminish the many fights that occur while driving around right now. We still don't have a computer that works at home - another thing that needs to be taken care of soon. Thankfully we did get our phone back in working order, but it did take a visit from our phone company to fix that situation.
This week I will be working getting ready for a garage sale this weekend at my house. My garage is stuffed full of kids clothes, toys and other stuff I hope someone wants to buy. The bad news is that the forecast keeps increasing the chances for rain on Saturday.
I am very excited that I won a copy of Richard Peck's latest book A Season of Gifts from Janssen at Everyday Reading. I am thrilled to get this book and start reading. I am also awaiting a box from Amazon that holds Catching Fire. Until then I will have to try and steal a moment or two for reading whenever I can and will keep looking for something that I really am excited about.

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