Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sophomore Switch

Growing up, I had many dreams of moving away to school one day - always to England - and loved books that centered around that type of storyline. Sophomore Switch by Abby McDonald is a fun read as an adult, and would have been even more entertaining in my teen years by fueling my fantasy. Emily, a proper English girl has broken up with her boyfriend Sebastian and needs to get away for a while. Missing the deadline for any reputable or Ivy League school she must be happy with her enrollment at UCSB - The University of California - Santa Barbara, more of a party school. The girl whose place she is taking is Natasha's. Natasha is happily leaving America for England because of a scandal. She was snapped in what is now the infamous "hot tub incident" with a celebrity and her pictures have been plastered all over the tabloids. In England Natasha can leave her bad reputation behind. Both girls are entering worlds where they are not comfortable. Natasha must step up her academics and shed her party girl image. Emily must let loose a bit and try to have more fun.

This book was a fun read. There is not a lot of information about British or American culture included, just more of a story about two girls learning more about themselves. Told in alternating viewpoints I enjoyed seeing both sides of this story, as well as the friendship the girls developed when they were able to meet in person.

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Janssen said...

Why am I the only person who doesn't LOVE this book? For some reason it just didn't work for me.

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