Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Luxury or Necessity

Right about now I am still trying to get in the groove and wishing I had more time to read for pleasure. I am enjoying having a routine and being busy, but....Some people may view reading as a luxury. A few weeks ago I read a blog (sorry, I can't remember which one) about this very topic. I know many people view reading as a luxury - there are many other things I could be doing at home - cleaning, laundry to name two. But reading is a necessity to me. I would much rather be doing that than any of my chores. And, I don't think I would be very happy if I didn't get to read. I need something to keep my brain going, something to think about. I don't usually watch TV at all which means reading is my one luxury and relaxation. Right now I am in the middle of a GREAT mystery that I don't want to put it down. Having a job is totally cramping my style right now. Lisa Unger's Die For You is supenseful and my hopes of finishing it last night never quite panned out. I have made some progress this morning and the book is only getting better. I still have many things on my "to do " list but I absolutely HAVE to read tonight...it is a necessity.

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