Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Twas the Night Before School Started...

Tomorrow morning my two oldest daughters head off to their first day of school. Tonight was the open house where we met the teacher and dropped of supplies. I am excited for them and the year ahead. They are spending their last minutes of freedom watching Hannah Montana: The Movie. School started yesterday for me - at least teacher workdays. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with some things, and while I like having a schedule and routine, will miss the extra free time that summer allows. I have also noticed a lack of leisure reading time. Sigh. I am too tired tonight to write up any actual book reviews. Late last night/in the middle of the night our electricity went off, and instead of sleeping through it, we were able to listen to the electricians who had been called out to fix the problem talking and digging right outside of our house. This went on all the way through until morning, making my night feel more like just a nap. Maybe tonight I will get a bit read before I nod off.

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