Sunday, August 16, 2009


Emerson Watts is an academic high schooler who struggles against the idea of beauty and fashion that so many of her peers are focused on. Her own sister is totally obsessed by rock stars and models. When Emerson, her friend Chris and Emerson's sister, Frida go to meet one of Frida's idols, Emerson is crushed by a plasma tv that falls on her. At the same moment Emerson is crushed, Nikki a world famous model collapses. When Emerson awakens she realizes that things have changed. While her mind hasn't changed, her body is now that of Nikki, the famous supermodel. For someone who shunned outer beauty in the past, the fact that she is now inhabiting a supermodel's body is more than just a bit of an adjustment. This book is just the first in this new series by Meg Cabot. I like Cabot's other books and this one is another high interest, quick read that will entertain. While the idea of Emerson inhabiting Nikki's body is farfetched to say the least, there are a few other aspects of the story that are entirely implausible. Like how did Emerson's mind get transplanted into Nikki--they mention a large scar that Nikki has, yet her hair wasn't shaved for the surgery? Maybe teen readers won't pick apart those little things, but even though the story is just fun, it would be nice if it were sort of believable.

The next book in this series is already out, and I will definitely have to check out the next chapter of Nikki/Emerson's life.

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