Friday, August 28, 2009

Homes Around the World Series

Oh, happy day! I had a few boxes of new books arrive yesterday and have been enjoying looking through them. The only thing better about buying books for myself is buying books for the library and not having to pay for them personally.

I hardly ever review non-fiction series books mostly because my budget doesn't allow me to purchase many of these sets. However, yesterday my boxes of books contained the Homes Around The World series by Nicola Barber, published by Crabtree Publishing Company. The titles in the series include Island Homes, Homes on the Move, City Homes, Homes on the Water and Village Homes. I have enjoyed looking through these books already. The photographs are wonderful, depicting various homes around the world fitting the type of home the book is about. The text is also easy to understand and appropriate for younger elementary students. A map of included in the back of each book along with a glossary, list of books to read and websites. In addition there are also some project ideas given in the back of each book. My two oldest daughters both spent time looking at these last night and pored over each page carefully. This series also fits in nicely with our second grade social studies curriculum that includes a unit on homes around the world.

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Peaceful Reader said...

hmmm-I will need to add this series to more order list, which is growing every day!