Friday, August 28, 2009

Best Intentions

Emily Listfield's book, Best Intentions it titled perfectly for this post. My best intentions to post the past few days just haven't been fulfilled. I am busy with school now and taking kids to and from places. Nighttime seems to be busy with supper, bathtimes, reading before bed, and sometimes falling asleep myself before I get more than a few pages read. This morning I was able to crank out almost 200 pages of reading (getting up at 4 AM does have its perks) and finished Best Intentions which became increasingly suspenseful somewhere around page 230.

Lisa lives a life of luxury in Manhattan. Her kids attend an elite private school, she lunches in trendy places and seems to have few worries. Despite the outward appearances Lisa and her husband Sam are struggling financially and in their marriage. Lisa suspects an affair and confides in her best friend, Dierdre, who assures her that is not the case. More clues seem to lead to that conclusion, although Sam has an answer for each supposed clue. The supper date of Sam and Lisa and Dierdre and her ex college boyfriend seem to be the catalyst for much of the drama to come as Dierdre begins to believe that perhaps Jack is the one she let get away. When Dierdre is found dead in her apartment there are three suspects: Jack the college boyfriend she reunited with, Ben her famous photographer boyfriend that she has broken up with and Sam who may or may not have had an affair with his wife's best friend.

I liked this book from the second I started reading. I did feel like I had to get really far into the book in order to really get to any action, but from about halfway in, I couldn't put it down. I have never read anything by Listfield before, but would highly recommend this book.

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