Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Wildwater Walking Club

Every year Claire Cook comes out with a new book over the summer months and I always look forward to them. I totally loved Must Love Dogs, which was the first book of Cook's I have read. I can't help but think that everything I have read since has not been as good. They are sort of fun and sort of interesting, but I just never really get into them. I can't decide if it's me, or if it really is the book. This year I mentioned to a friend that I had Cook's latest book, The Wildwater Walking Club on my stack from the library. She gave it a "ehh" rating, too. I like the idea of this book - a group of women who walk together with the main character, Noreen, finding her way in the world in middle age, but the rest of the story was sort of weak. I am not sure how plausible it is that the three women who walk together- Rosie, Tess and Noreen actually do decide to walk together and then travel together...they aren't even friends when the book begins and then decide to travel together for fun? And the idea that lavender is so important in the story? I guess I just don't get that, either. I don't want to totally discourage everyone from reading this one because maybe it truly is just me. If anyone else has read this and wants to weigh in, I'd love to know if I am totally off base on my feelings about this book.

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Peaceful Reader said...

Never read this author but I am sure you are spot on...interesting idea, though.