Wednesday, June 24, 2009

If I Stay

Mia is a senior in high school, has a boyfriend, Adam, parents she gets along with and a younger brother, Teddy. Really, she has everything going for her including her musical ability and talent playing the cello which has allowed her to audition to be accepted at Julliard. In one second Mia's entire life changes. Her family is killed in a tragic car accident on their way to visit friends. Mia has life threatening injuries as well. She tells the story in this entire novel while having an out of body experience. This book has been talked about and reviewed many places. I think I must have skimmed the reviews at best, knowing I had it sitting on my pile of TBR books and not wanting anything revealed before I read it. I have complained at various time about books taking place over just the span of one day. Mostly I don't like reading books like that. However, in this case, If I Stay works perfectly this way. Mia is able to include enough backstory that it doesn't feel as though time is dragging at all. And mostly I would avoid books being told by someone having an out of body experience -it's just a little too weird for me- but it works perfectly in this instance as well. Mia spends the entire novel battling her life threatening injuries and deciding if she will stay (live) or not. Leaving those she loves on earth would be hard, but continuing to live without her parents or brother would be devastating. I won't spoil the truly won't know what Mia chooses until the last page.
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Peacefull Reader said...

I guess I should wait to read this until after we take a long car trip to DC!!