Sunday, June 14, 2009

Georgie's Moon

When I saw Georgie's Moon by Chris Woodworth at the library I knew as soon as I read the first few words in the front flap that I wanted to read it. As the front flap states, Woodworth's book is set in September of 1970. The Viet Nam War is raging and Georgie and her mother have relocated again because of her dad's job in the Air Force. Dad is in Viet Nam and Georgie and her mother carry on their lives without him, waiting for his return.

I really found Georgie to be rather unlikeable. It seems that in most books I read I do like the main character, or can at least relate to that person. Georgie just did such mean things to people sometimes that I really felt like I just didn't get what motivated her. Georgie finds a friend, Lisa, at her new school. While Lisa is a "good girl", there are some things going on at Lisa's house that she tries to keep to herself. When Georgie finally figures out what they are she isn't sure the two of them can continue being friends. Woodworth's book has an ending that is worth waiting for....I totally didn't see it coming, and it is perfect. It also makes Georgie much more likeable, finally realizing what may have been her motivation for some of her actions.

Georgie's Moon reminds me a bit of Shooting the Moon by Francis O'Roark Dowell, another Viet Nam era book, if you are looking for more titles that center around this time period.

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